10 Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Making

I know there’s probably been a time in your life when you’ve looked back over your Facebook photos and disappointed at the sight of your own face. I know this because I’ve done it many times and had the same feeling. What was I thinking going out in that face full of makeup? There are those types of mistakes (the ones you delete IMMEDIATELY), and then there are the ones that you might be still doing every day and even never realize it. Here are 10 of them — with easy fixes, I promise.

1. Storing Makeup In The Bathroom
It would make sense to store your makeup in the bathroom where is most people get ready. However, storing makeup in the bathroom where you take showers will not only dry out and ruin your product, but also make products more prone to spreading bacteria. Humidity is bacteria’s best friend, so store your makeup and makeup brushes in a cool, dry area to prevent ruining product and collecting bacteria on your face.

2.Wearing The Wrong Shade Of Foundation
Getting a perfect match for foundation sometimes seems like the hardest thing. Whether you are getting professional help or trying to match yourself, you should first make sure where should you compare foundations on your skin. Matching foundation on the back of the hand will not give you a correct color match due to the hands being slightly different color than the rest of the body, ending in a mismatched foundation. Try choosing two shades that come closest to your skin tone, apply each of them to your jawline, and then go outside to natural light, look in a mirror and compare with your neck. Use your own judgment to see which one looks most natural. This will lead you to get a perfect match and so you don’t have discolored makeup along the jawline.

3. Curling Your Eyelashes After Applying Mascara
Eyelash curlers are makeup tools used to create a beautiful curl to the lashes. Curlers work best usually on clean lashes so there’s no chance of ripping any out. Then apply mascara and wait for it to dry. If you use an eyelash curler after applying liner and mascara your liner will smudge because the curler is touching the base of your lashes. You will also create kinks within the wet mascara that you just applied. If you wait to use your curler after mascara is dried then you will be prone to breaking lashes or kinking them in an unnatural angle.

4. Keeping Makeup For Too Long
All makeup has an expiration date; it’s just that every product is different due to their uses and how sustainable they are.
Here is a breakdown for how long you should keep different types of products:
Powders (including blushes, bronzers, shadows): 2 years
Cream shadows and blushes: 12-18 months
Oil-free foundation: 1 month
Cream compact foundation: 18 months
Concealers: 12-18 months
Lipstick and lip liner: 1 year
Lip gloss: 18-24 months
Pencil eyeliner: 2 years
Liquid or gel eyeliner: 3 months
Mascara: 3 months

5. Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes
Not cleaning your makeup brushes equals to not brushing your teeth. You use makeup brushes on your face, which means while you apply foundation, your brush is also collecting all the bacteria, oil, pollution, and debris that is collected on your face throughout the day…. yuck. How frequently you should wash your brushes, depends on how frequently you use them. If you’re a girl that makes up every day, I recommend to use a spray form of brush cleaner every day to clean your brushes, along with cleaning them once a week with a mild shampoo or instant brush cleaner. If you’re a girl that wears barely-there makeup, shampooing your brushes once every two or three weeks will suffice. If you are using sponges,replace them regularly.

6. Sleeping In Your Makeup
You had a night out and you’re way too exhausted to take your makeup off. I get it, we’ve all been there, but sleeping in your makeup is probably the worst thing among all the makeup mistakes. As we sleep, our skin goes through a renewing process so that we can wake up to rejuvenated, glowing skin after a good nights sleep. Wearing makeup to bed not only clogs your pores and causes breakouts, it can also age skin by sucking all your skin’s moisture out which can cause wrinkles or dry patchy skin. Taking those few extra minutes to take your makeup off and applying a skincare regimen will save your skin from looking tired, sallow, and patchy.

7.Choosing The Wrong Color For Your Eyebrows
Filling in your brows will make a huge difference in your face shape because it frames your eyes and can pull a whole look together. However, finding the right shade is crucial or you’ll look unnatural or washed out. For darker hair, going one to two shades lighter than your natural hair/brow color will define your brows without them looking unnatural. As for lighter hair, better go one to two shades darker than your natural hair/brow color.

8.Wearing Lip Liner The Wrong Way
Lip liner is amazing and does wonders if you apply it the right way. Instead of just applying lip liner on the outline edge of your lips, outline your lips and then fill in your lips with liner so that it gives a base for your lipstick to go on. Also, leave the very center of your lips bare — this not only will give the appearance of fuller lips, but you wont get that awkward looking ring outline whenever your lipstick fades from drinking on a night out.

9. Forgetting To Prime
Using skincare, especially a moisturizer and eye cream, is the best thing you can do for your skin. Not only will the right skincare help with breakouts, pore size, texture of the skin, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. it also will prep your skin for your foundation and concealer to go on smooth and look more natural. After moisturizing and before foundation application, apply a skin primer to create a smoother, more hydrated surface that’ll hold your makeup in place for longer. You will see a huge upgrade in how your makeup goes on by using the right skincare routine for your skin type.

10. Skipping Sunscreen
Over the years, we have been educated on regularly applying sunscreen to avoid skin cancer. This is exactly why skipping sunscreen in your makeup routine is a huge mistake, and this goes for every skin tone. There are a ton of creams and foundations out there with sunscreen in them, but that is not going to give you enough sun protection throughout the day. Applying a cream that has a 15 SPF before going on with your day will only give you sun protection for a couple hours and you’ll have to reapply. That’s why I would recommend getting a setting powder that has a 25 SPF or higher and continuously applying it throughout the day to not only soak up oils and set makeup, but to also keep protecting your skin from sun damage.

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