Beauty Trend: Christmas Tree Eyebrows

IF YOU’VE ever thought  “Can I jazz up my face with some festive spirit?”, then you may be in luck. Christmas tree brows could be the answer to your advent prayers.

What are Christmas tree eyebrows?

The festive mini-trend has been popping up on Instagram in recent weeks, just in time for the holidays. Basically, they’re a modified version of the feather brow look from earlier this year, but with extra baubles (read: rhinestones) and glitter. The unique look sees beauty fans fashioning small fur trees from their over-eye hair. Some people have used gems or a star to decorate the “tree” while others have painted their brows green to add to the effect. And others have gone for glitter and painted-on baubles.

Where did the Christmas tree eyebrows trend come from?

Per BoredPanda, the first iteration of the trend came from Instagrammer @taytay_xx, who has started the most festive trend ever by adorning her brows with colorful jewels and even a star tree-topper.

To be clear, she looks insane — but then, so are the holidays, so it works.

How do you do Christmas tree eyebrows?

The idea with the bonkers look is that you let your creativity run wild.

For a basic design follow our step-by-step guide, but be sure to put your own spin on it!

  1. Take a green hair mascara and paint your brows green – alternatively you can use clear mascara as glue with green eye shadow, or you can just paint a brown color, even skip this step
  2. While the mascara is still wet (if you used it), separate your eyebrows down the middle and pull out little tufts to be the branches of your Christmas tree. (If you just skip the first step, simply brush your brows into a tree shape using eyebrow gel)
  3. Allow the mascara to fully set for three minutes (or applies hair wax to set the hairs in place).
  4. Use concealer to create the illusion of a tree ‘tip’.
  5. Attach small gems with eyelash glue to the ends of the branches and add glitter if preferred
  6. Top off with a star sticker

It seems that the decked-out trend has quickly caught on with the rest of Instagram — many are eager to try out her new look.

Between these Christmas tree brows and the candy cane eyeliner from earlier this season, it seems as though holiday makeup has gone about as far as it can go. I mean, what’s next? Rudolph glitter noses? Snowmen lip art? Santa ombré hair? We’re going to stop right there…just in case we’re giving anyone any ideas.

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