DIY: Santa Boot Bows For Chirstmas

If you’re wrapping gifts for kids this year and thinking about adding some decorations, try this! With festive red satin ribbon, you can add Santa boot bows (this exciting touch) to any regular gift wrapping you do.

Do you remember how exciting Christmas time was when you are still a child? Remember the sounds, the smells, and the beautifully wrapped gifts everywhere you turned? If you’re not a professional gift wrapper (like myself) then these Santa boot bows are perfect for you. Turn any ordinary red bow into something more magical, funny, and special to look at. If you prefer to use gift bags, this is the best DIY way to turn an ordinary gift bag into something exciting to give and receive!

You can whip up a bunch of Santa boot bows within a small amount of time and then add them to gifts during the holidays! With just a few simple supplies, instead of specially invest some gift bags, this is an inexpensive way to add a personal touch to everything you gift this season.

Supplies needed to make bows with Santa boots:

  • Red satin ribbon
  • Sparkly white cardstock
  • Black cardstock
  • Sparkly gold cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue (or regular glue if kids are making them)




  1. Start by making a template of Santa’s boot. Draw a boot on black cardstock that is as thick as the red satin ribbon you’re using.
  2. Draw a white rounded rectangle a little wider than the red satin ribbon in white glittery cardstock.
  3. Cut a small square out of the sparkly golden cardstock.
  4. Using the black boot, white rounded rectangle, and golden square as stencil templates, make as many boot sets as you need. Tip: make them in advance and quickly add them to any gift during the busy holiday season! You’ll thank yourself later:)
  5. Add a simple red bow to any gift you need to wrap.
  6. Using hot glue, attach the boots (in opposite facing directions) at the end of the red ribbon strands.
  7. Add the rounded white rectangle over the black boots.



The white glitter adds neat texture and contrast to the flat black paper of Santa’s boots. It reminds me of snow! Mixed with the soft shiny red satin, the look of Santa’s boots are so perfectly cute! Santa’s belt is complete with a little touch of gold.

This holiday gift wrapping idea is perfect for anybody to make! Kids can use regular white school glue instead of hot glue. This would be a neat way to wrap parent gifts in the classroom. Consider using construction paper and red ribbon from the dollar store to make this craft more kid friendly.


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