How To Cuff Or Roll Up Jeans In A Fashion Way

Cuffing season is coming — and we’re not just talking about the styles to pair up with a partner as we head into winter. As the temperature cools, our favorite ankle boots, cuffed jeans become the look of the season.
Cuffed jeans allows us to show off our statement shoes and freshen up our denim at the same time, providing for a variety of new ways to step out in our favorite pairs of jeans. This $0 cost styling trick transforms the way your jeans look, and there are a handful of ways to do it, depending on your desired effect.

The Simple Roll
The Simple Roll is likely the most usual one on our list. Good with almost any shoe, and works with most fabric types and weights. You just need to take the hem of your pant and make one fold up. And this can be divided into two kinds of rolls: thick cuff and thin cuff.
A thick cuff can be an elevated way to shorten the length of your jeans without taking them to the tailors. When executed in clean, symmetrical lines, the cuffing looks intentional and is an excellent way to show off a pair of heels or ankle boots. This way is called “Hello, Sailor cuff” according to J.Crew, which features a six-inch cuff that hits right above the ankle bone.It will give your jeans an entirely new style (and is the perfect fashion-forward hack for girls with shorter legs).
Thick Cuff
For those who prefer a thinner cuff, play around with a pair of jeans that already fall at the desired length,then just fold over once or twice, no more than a half inch each time. This cuff works best with tighter fitting jeans. Just be sure to stay away from thicker fabrics, as they don’t fold as tightly and tend to bunch up.
Thin Cuff

The Pinroll
The pinroll is also called “the 1986 cuff” according to J.Crew, it is achieved by pinching the sides before you cuff to create a tapered effect works, this works best with shoes that are slimmer and narrower.

Denim weights are important to keep in mind. It refers to how much the fabric weighs per yard. If too much, you can not only take the fold as readily, but also it will bunch up. As for the cut of the pant, try to stay away from boot-cut or wider-cut styles. Although you can technically cuff any cut of pant, it works best with ones that are tapered.

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