How To Wear With Velvet & Corduroy

Hey,guys~ I believe you’ve already know the hottest two elements this season. If you don’t, just click checked my last post.

Today, I’m going to show you how to style with them.


Charper 1: Velvet

1.Velvet Dresses
The style which is most likely to be accepted by most people should be spaghetti strap velvet dress. For the season right now, it’s perfect to wear a spaghetti strap velvet dress with a simple pattern knited sweater or a black leather jacket. And, of course, don’t forget your booties which will make you more chic~
Velvet Dress
For long sleeve velvet dresses, make sure to choose one with a waist line design, high waisted velvet dress is the best. Or you’ll just look as strong as an elephant (Just kidding~).
High Waisted Velvet Dress

2.Velvet Tops
Choice for velvet tops must be based on your own body. Of Course, if you’re slim, all styles are fine. But if not, the loose pattern will be your best choice. And yes, velvet do has a big bug: easy to expose your body defects.
Velvet Tops
Be careful, I really don’t recommend outerwears made of soft fabrics. It is neither looks superior itself, nor easy to control for beginners.
Soft Velvet Outerwear
However, velvet blazer is an exception. It is perfect to combine the soft of velvet with the stiffened of blazers. This match can certainly give you a cool mature outfit idea.
Velvet Blazers

3.Velvet Pants
Most of velvet pants are wide-leg patterns, you can cover your hips with a loose-fitting sweatshirts if you are kinda unsatisfied with your hip.
Velvet Pants

3.Velvet Accessories
Velvet is glossy, and is unquestionably a good material to embellish accessories. The whole world are all obsessed in velvet, in case you don’t want to wear velvet, you can choose chic velvet accessories.
Velvet Accessories

Velvet Shoes

Charper 2: Corduroy

1.Corduroy Tops
Corduroy is just as cozy and classic but a lot more chill than velvet. Its texture is thick, and has good warmth. Choosing Corduroy Coat as your fist choice for cold winter is not only gorgeous and vintage, but also keep you warm at the same time.
Corduroy Coats
Wearing corduroy blazers with leather pants or mini skirts, will change its past boring sense, but addi a kind of aggressive beauty; whlie wearing with trousers is more moderate, and there will be no features.

Corduroy Blazers

As for corduroy suits, promise me you won’t choose this. Or….
Corduroy Suits

1.Corduroy Bottoms
When we are young, we used to wear tight corduroy pants, but now is different. Relaxed pattern is more chic, straight or radish patterns are easier to wear styles.No need to say wide leg corduroy pants, it is most amazing one.
Corduroy Pants
I’m sure you’ll be crazy for corduroy jumpsuits like I do. Style with colorful sweaters or a simple white shirts, and you are the cutest in the crowd.
Corduroy Jumpsuits
Corduroy skirt is relatively rare, skirt style is suitable for stacking in a long coat. In the cold days, you can add black leggings under the skirts to keep warm.
Corduroy Skirts


Some of our favorite designers and brands are definitely on board with the trend as well, as we found that there’s no lack of corduroy and velvet on the market, from midi skirts to chic blazers. Ready to jump on the vintage train?

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