Smart Home Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Whether you live in a tiny house, a city apartment, or even a home with a boatload of space, one of the revelations is that choosing less square footage doesn’t mean you necessarily have to make do with less, just that you need to be super smart about how you organize the space you do have. And, once you go into “storage genius” mode, it tends to have a ripple effect – many tiny homes end up with as much usable storage area as places with a larger footprint, thanks to the space-savvy residents. Here are a few small space storage secrets that will come in handy no matter the size of your home…


File Dividers

Don’t just relegate this organizational tool to the office, as they can be used throughout the house. Use them to store cookie sheets in your kitchen or even clutches and small handbags in your closet. These work really well in closets because they make it so you can actually find things.

High Shelves

The least-used space in your apartment is prime real estate for implementing creative bedroom storage ideas. And no space is more unused than the 12 inches of wall below your ceiling. Maximize storage by adding a shelf above doorways or high up in your closet to store extra items. Shelves like this are especially good for storing lighter things,(think: extra toilet paper or paper towels). One of the most important rules, especially in New York City living, is to go as vertical as possible. High shelves can be used to display things, too, like shoes, books.


Shower Curtain Ring

To keep your cotton tank tops (and camis) handy in the closet, loop the straps of each through a shower curtain ring. Then, place all the rings on a standard hanger. You’ll be able to fit a dozen tank tops in the space of one hanger, and easily see your rainbow of tank top color choices!

Under bed storage

The space under the bed is great for storing things that you want to keep handy but don’t need regular access to. However, the space underneath can get cramped. Bed risers can add several inches to the space underneath your bed. Once you’ve got the bed risers in place (which will probably require some extra hands to lift the frame), you can stack storage boxes on top of each other or utilize bigger bins.

Use Vertical Spaces

There are plenty of up-and-down surfaces that never make the cut when it comes to small-space storage — and that’s too bad. Those precious square feet can be put to good use, especially for narrow items that are prone to quick clutter. A variety of slim wire baskets — better to keep contents in view — lines the back of this door to corral gift-wrapping essentials.
Use over-the-door shoe hangers in an office or hall closet to store everything from mittens to small umbrellas to batteries to toner cartridges. These also work well on the back of a bathroom door for bottles of hair styling products, lotions, etc. And basically, they can corral anything small. Use them for socks and underwear, rolled-up towels, toiletries, cleaning products, etc.

Scale Down Shelves

Very often in small spaces, there’s not room for overly large furniture or lots of extras. That’s why the search for sized-down furniture can yield unexpected rewards — even the three-shelf unit here. It offers just enough space for extra towels and toiletries, as well as pretty display space.

Think in Inches, Not Feet

Some items are difficult to store, even if space isn’t an issue. Jewelry collections, for example, tend to include a range of pieces that resist stashing in regular-size compartments. To save valuable drawers and shelves, look to walls for extra storage in a small space. Outfit an empty frame with a piece of cork and use pins to hang necklaces and bracelets. Install near a dressing area for easy access.

Narrow pantry shelving

That couple of inches between your fridge and the wall are just a waste. Fortunately, with a little wood working skills, you can build a slide out shelf unit that fits between the two to store spices, canned or boxed goods, and other non-perishable food stuffs that aren’t that large. Place the shelves on wheels and they can be pulled out when you need it and slid away when you don’t.


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